The Advantages of Drums and IBCs


Drums and IBCs are common items sold through Midway Container. We offer a wide selection of tightheads/jerricans and IBCs to ship chemicals, flavorings, animal feed, lubricants, and many other items. Manufacturers who need to ship raw materials safely and conveniently will find the perfect packaging at Midway Container.

Drums at Midway Container

Tights head and open head drums can be used to ship a range of products including ingredients, chemicals, pelleted animal feed, lubricants, and more. We offer a wide range of closure sizes and options and have several options that are UN approved for hazardous materials and FDA approved. Stock colors include blue and natural.

IBCs Available

Like drums, IBCs can be used to package a wide range of products for a wide range of industries. The IBC bottle is enclosed with a tubular steel cage with a UN rating, and is used to ship a wide range of products conveniently and economically

Great Selection and Service

If you aren’t sure which container meets your needs, we are happy to help you. The staff at Midway Container has many years of experience working companies in many industries. Whether you need a stock product or are seeking a custom solution, our team will be happy to help you find the right packaging for your business needs. Visit Midway Container or call us at 1-888843-4421 for a quote.

Saving Freight Expense and Increasing On-Time Delivery

plan your wholesale salad packaging for best value

The wholesale food industry is highly competitive. Fast delivery of freshly packaged products is essential to ensure high quality for the end-customer.

Midway Container was able assist a co-packer in the food industry improve on-time delivery, save money on freight expenses, and improve their business thanks to creative packaging and warehousing solutions.

The Company

The company is a co-packer in the food industry. They receive materials from companies and package them into many sizes of tubs and containers ranging from single-serve 4 ounce tubs to large 48-ounce party tubs. Salads account for much of their food products.

The Problem

The company used nineteen different tubs and lids, and demand fluctuated seasonally. Their usage forecast doubled in the spring and summer months when customer demand for fresh salads increased. They were purchasing directly from the manufacturer with specific distribution requirements. The manufacturer, however, could not meet their needs, so the company was forced to purchase large shipments of custom-printed tubs and warehouse them until they were needed. This increased their expenses year-round.

A second problem was that the manufacturer they were using could not deliver small quantities with multiple SKUs printed on the stock decorated tubs. This created out of stock situations during the busy season, essentially cutting into business and preventing orders from being fulfilled in a timely fashion.

The Solution

Midway Container worked with the manufacturer and had all nineteen tubs and lids shipped to the Midway Container warehouse. This opened valuable production space for the customer, who no longer had to warehouse the containers.

Because of Midway Container’s extensive supply network, we were able to find all sizes of packages the customer needed, and were able to provide them on an as-needed business. This solved their out-of-stock problem and enabled them to deliver all sizes of salads to the end customer without delay, even during their busy season.

Reducing freight costs and having Midway Container manage inventories has been a benefit to the customer.  Since partnering with Midway Container, they have increased their business through the U.S.A. and are seeing revenue increases. Fixing their packaging, warehousing and freight problems has improved their ability to serve their customers and resulted in larger orders and profits for the company.

A Honey of a Problem, Solved – Midway Container Helped a Honey Processor Save on Product Packaging

honey shipping

No matter how efficient your company is or how well your current packaging performs, there’s always room for improvement. Midway Container was able to help a 70-year old honey processor reduce costs and improve their packaging.

The Situation

The customer, a honey processing company, sends 55-gallon metal open head drums to bee farmers for the collection of raw honey.  There are more than 300 bee farmers ranging from small production to large production who received the drums.

The company sends 350 drums at a time to each farmer. As the bees do their work and the farmers collect the honey, it is poured into each drum. The drums are then batched into groups of 150 and returned to the honey processing company. The honey processor stocks more than 80,000 drums for this process. Drums are reused until they lose their integrity and then replaced with new drums.

The Problem

The honey processor stocked nearly 80,000 drums, and needed to continually replenish the supply of metal drums as old drums lost their integrity. This was expensive and required a great deal of space to store both used and unused drums. The processor, a leader in the field, wanted to improve packaging and sought assistance from Midway Container on a better solution for both the bee keepers and their company.

The Solution

Midway Container worked with the honey processor to come up with a new standard in packaging that will save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for the processor.

Midway Container’s team came up with the idea to develop a plastic tote that would hold 150 gallons, or the equivalent of three metal drums, of honey. The new totes can be stacked four-high in the warehouse.

The new totes benefited both the honey processors and the farmers:

  • The totes could be more easily moved into the field to collect honey.
  • Less honey is left in each container, which results in higher yields for both farmer and processor.
  • Because totes can be stacked four-high in the warehouse, less warehouse space is needed to hold the same or a greater volume of honey.

Midway Container’s experience and wide range of stock products provided the solution to a honey of a problem; the solution resulted in cost savings as well as increased production.

Plastic Bottles for Pharmaceutical Products: What Do Product Marketers Want?

Plastic Pharmaceutical Bottles

If you could design your own plastic bottles, which features would you add, and why? Packaging Digest recently conducted an informal survey of product marketers around the topic of plastic bottles and blister packs for the pharmaceutical industry. Although blister packs seemed popular, there are some applications for which plastic bottles remain the preferred choice. For these customers, the ‘wish list’ of desirable characteristics is fascinating.

Here’s the rundown of items these product marketers wished they had in plastic bottle design:

  • Easier dispensing technologies. These might dispense the right number of pills or liquid, for example, in a prescribed dose.
  • New and innovative child resistant closures.
  • Other solutions involving bottles with dosing syringes

Many of the respondents requests may already be available in the market they just are not aware of them.  At Midway Container, we go the extra mile to help companies find the right product for their project needs. If we can’t find it, we can discuss custom options. We are always willing to work with our design team to create and the right packaging for your needs.

For more information, please visit Midway Container or call 1-888-843-4421.

Metal Pails Specialized Products

Steel Drums

When shopping for metal pails to be used for your harshest applications you need to talk to someone who knows every detail about the products.  We can help you decide upon and qualify a metal pail that will best meet your applications requirements.

One example of a unique requirement for metal pails is achieving a rust inhibitor lining.  We can provide pails with a basic rust-inhibitor lining, or we can add additional protection through epoxy and phenolic linings as well.  There are lots of considerations when qualifying the best metal pail for your application and Midway Container, Inc. is well suited to help with that process.

Midway Container, Inc. offers a wide range of steel pails.  We stock:

  • Metal Pails, Tight-Heads, and drums
  • Various color options
  • Various lining options
  • Recyclable Pails
  • UN and Non-UN containers

Since 1953 Midway Container has provided competitive pricing to customers worldwide.  Metal pails, tight-heads, and drums are available in standard sizes and we can give your package a unique look with a custom color and lithographic printing.  Our staff is always available to select a package that meets your applications requirements.

Whether you need retail packaging, metal pails for wholesale products, or other product packaging for special orders or other needs, please call Midway Container. Look for us online or call 1-888-843-4421.

3 Tips for Choosing Plastic Pails

UN Approved Plastic Pails

With the abundant selection of plastic pails available in the market which one should you pick for your specific application? Midway Container can help you choose the right plastic pails for your project. We’ve put together a few considerations to help you narrow down options and zero in on the right package for your needs:

  1. What regulatory requirements must your plastic pail and lid meet? If you’re packaging food products, for example, you will need your package to be in compliance with FDA regulations. If your product is hazardous you will need a UN approved package for your product.
  2. Is your product compatible with the plastic pail? Different resins can be used to manufacturer plastic pails. HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is most commonly used but we can also get certain pails made with PP (polypropylene). Determining resin compatibility with help ensure there is not a package failure in the market.
  3. How much experience does my supplier have? An experienced supplier such as Midway Container, Inc. can best help you determine the right plastic pail for your application at a competitive price. We can guide you through the many considerations, such as logistics, warehousing, decorating, and more to help you contain your project costs without sacrificing quality.

Midway Container has helped businesses worldwide choose plastic pails, containers, tubs and more for over 60 years. Since 1953, we’ve sourced and developed packaging for a wide range of industries. We can ship worldwide, store your plastic pails in our warehouses, and ship stock items out next day. We also offer customizing services to really help your products stand apart.

For more information, see our selection of plastic pails online or call us at 1-888-843-4421.

Custom Plastic Tubs Can Help Your E-commerce Sales

Traditional Plain Plastic Tubs and LidsConsider designing a custom tub to get more customers excited about your products. A custom design will help with Branding and is more likely to win consumers over on an E-Commerce sale than almost any other factor.

According to Dotcom Distribution, 40% of consumers would be more likely to buy a product if it were in premium packaging. Premium packaging is also frequently reused for other purposes, making it an important marketing tool. If someone loves your packaging enough to use it again and again, it will keep the brand fresh in their minds, especially if the label, shape or other identifying elements are unique.

Plastic containers themselves can be as plain as a piece of white paper or as unique as a Monet painting. The key is customization. You could start with a stock package and add custom printing, in-mold labeling, or have the containers made in a custom pantone color to truly create unique packaging that sets your products apart.

It might seem that unique product packaging is only important in a crowded category on retail shelves, but consumers also gravitate towards unique packaging on their favorite E-commerce sites as well. Packaging tells an important story, and your plastic tubs can be part of that story.

Competitive Pricing for Custom Plastic Tubs

Midway Container offers competitive pricing for all of your plastic tubs and containers. Our custom decoration options include offset printing, pressure sensitive labels, and in-mold labels. Talk to us today about your product packaging vision as we can achieve almost anything you can dream of at a competitive price.

Visit Midway Container or call us at 1-888-843-4421 for a quote.

Drum Bags

Midway Container, Inc. is happy to announce the new Drum Bag which brings significant value when compared to its rigid drum counterparts. This bag is designed to be an alternative package to the fiber drums that are commonly used.

Drum Bags an alternative in containers
Click the images below to expand view

The benefits of this package are:

  • More economical shipping (200 can fit on a pallet)
  • The Drum Bag is designed to be freestanding like a rigid drum
  • The Drum Bag can be emptied from the top or the bottom
  • Can be easily handled with a forklift
  • Custom sizing is available
  • Cost effective printing options
  • Reduces warehouse space and improves efficiency
  • Reduces package cost compared to fiber drums
  • Reduced landfill costs

Contact your packaging experts at Midway Container, Inc. today so that we can work with you to find the best Drum Bag for your needs!

Half Gallon and One Gallon White Pail

Midway container has a clearance sale on our ½ gallon white pails 1 gallon white pails and lids which is a perfect for any food, chemical, or utility application.  Our loss is your gain!

Contact Midway Container at 1-888-843-4421 today to take advantage of this clearance item!  Any offer will be considered on these clearance pails and lids!

1/2 gallon 1 gallon white pails

One Gallon Square White Bottle


We’re sorry, but we have depleted all of this inventory! Please browse the other very similar options we have that should be a great fit here:

Midway is eager to sell the remaining inventory of our 1 gallon white square bottle with 38mm neck finish.

This 1 gallon bottle is packaged 48/cs and we have a total of 1,392ea available.  We are offering a one-time promotion on this 1 gallon bottle and these bottles must be sold in whole case quantities.

Contact Midway Container at 1-888-843-4421 today to take advantage of this amazing value!

One Gallon White Bottle