PCR Containers

Midway offers a variety of high density polyethylene or HDPE containers that come with post-consumer resin also known as PCR. What exactly does this mean? PCR resin comes from containers that were used, recycled and sterilized by customers through community recycling programs. Right now both HDPE and PET resins are capable of containing PCR. When a customer recycles a plastic container, the container will be sorted at a recycling center. Plastics that are able to be used for this will be ground down, sterilized and then pelletized. Finally the recycled plastic will be sold as PCR resin for use in new containers.

What does this mean for your company? By buying containers that contain PCR you will be reducing your company’s footprint and reaching your goals in becoming a more sustainable and green company. Containers with PCR reduce waste and increase the life cycle of the ethylene that was used to originally create the plastic.

Midway currently offers select HDPE containers with PCR. Twenty five percent is a fairly routine amount in Midway’s containers, but we offer as high as fifty percent. So ask about the PCR content when you purchase a container from us and continue your efforts towards becoming a sustainable company.