Drum Bags

Bulk packaging is another one of our many strengths at Midway Container, Inc., including the new Drum Bag which is a great cost saving alternative to rigid HDPE or fiber drums.

There are many reasons you might want to consider the drum bags, such as:

  • 200 of them can fit on a pallet, so there is significantly more economical shipping
  • Though it is a bag, the Drum Bag is designed to be freestanding, just like a rigid drum
  • You can empty the Drum Bag from the top or the bottom
  • The Drum Bag is designed to be easily handled by a forklift
  • Custom sizing is available for these Drum Bags
  • There are cost effective printing options
  • The collapsable design of the Drum Bags reduces warehouse space when empty, which improves efficiency
  • The Drum Bag reduces package cost compared to fiber drums
  • The Drum Bag reduces landfill costs

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