Easy Grip / Easy Pour Bottles

Easy Pour Bottles Easy Grip, Easy Pour Plastic Bottles

Our plastic easy pour bottles are used to package sauces, flavorings, edible oils, salad dressing, salsa, prepared foods, honey, water, protein products, energy drinks, pharmaceutical products, cleaning products, lubricating oil, automotive products, fasteners, ice melt products, pet foods, veterinary products, agricultural chemicals, and other products

  • Available in FDA approved virgin HDPE and PET
  • Available with Post-Consumer Recycled resin (PCR) up to 50%
  • Many options available in size, shape, and openings
  • Plain, child resistant, and tamper evident openings and closures available
  • Stock colors are white and natural for HDPE, clear for PET
  • Custom colors are available
  • Decorating is available
  • Available in bulk packs and also reshipper cartons
  • UN and Non-UN packaging is available
  • Recyclable

Please call us at 1-888-843-4421 or contact us with your project requirements.

064N02-021/2 GALLON NATURAL E-Z POUR, 63MM, 110 GRAM64/CS
001N00-02GALLON NATURAL E-Z POUR, 63MM, 150 GRAM 4/1240/P
001Z00-391gallon black handgrip w/ view stripe, 25% PCR, 38/400, unlabled
064N00-0364 OZ NATURAL HANDLER, 50% PCR, 70MM396/unit
160N00-03160 OZ NATURAL HANDLER, 50% PCR, 110MM160/unit
160N00-02160 OZ NATURAL HANDLER, 110MM, 160-165 GRAM24/CS
160N02-03160 OZ NAT, 40% PCR, HANDLED BOTTLE 110MM160/PLT
064N02-021/2 GALLON E-Z POUR, NATURAL, 63MM, 110 GRAMS64/CS
001N00-02GALLON E-Z POUR NATURAL, 63MM, 150 GRAMS 4/1240/P
064N00-0364 OZ NAT, 70MM 50% PCR HANDLED BOTTLE396/PLT