A Honey of a Problem, Solved – Midway Container Helped a Honey Processor Save on Product Packaging

honey shipping

No matter how efficient your company is or how well your current packaging performs, there’s always room for improvement. Midway Container was able to help a 70-year old honey processor reduce costs and improve their packaging.

The Situation

The customer, a honey processing company, sends 55-gallon metal open head drums to bee farmers for the collection of raw honey.  There are more than 300 bee farmers ranging from small production to large production who received the drums.

The company sends 350 drums at a time to each farmer. As the bees do their work and the farmers collect the honey, it is poured into each drum. The drums are then batched into groups of 150 and returned to the honey processing company. The honey processor stocks more than 80,000 drums for this process. Drums are reused until they lose their integrity and then replaced with new drums.

The Problem

The honey processor stocked nearly 80,000 drums, and needed to continually replenish the supply of metal drums as old drums lost their integrity. This was expensive and required a great deal of space to store both used and unused drums. The processor, a leader in the field, wanted to improve packaging and sought assistance from Midway Container on a better solution for both the bee keepers and their company.

The Solution

Midway Container worked with the honey processor to come up with a new standard in packaging that will save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for the processor.

Midway Container’s team came up with the idea to develop a plastic tote that would hold 150 gallons, or the equivalent of three metal drums, of honey. The new totes can be stacked four-high in the warehouse.

The new totes benefited both the honey processors and the farmers:

  • The totes could be more easily moved into the field to collect honey.
  • Less honey is left in each container, which results in higher yields for both farmer and processor.
  • Because totes can be stacked four-high in the warehouse, less warehouse space is needed to hold the same or a greater volume of honey.

Midway Container’s experience and wide range of stock products provided the solution to a honey of a problem; the solution resulted in cost savings as well as increased production.