Humble Beginnings and a Bright Future

An early logo from Midway Container

One of our early logos

This month marks the 60th anniversary of Midway Container. It all started when our CEO, Warren Larson, worked for his uncle Charlie at The Farm Oyl Company, a blender of oils and greases in Saint Paul. At that time, an American Can Company executive was seeing declining production at his St. Paul can plant; small orders were causing far too many line changes. He encouraged Charlie to become a distributor for American Can Company and service the smaller customers. Charlie said yes and Midway Can Company was born.

Midway Can Company started with selling just a few products, gallon and quart paint cans. As the company grew, so did the product line. Today Midway sells metal, plastic and fiber containers, as well as container accessories. To encompass the ever expanding product lines, Midway Can Company changed its name to Midway Container, Inc. in 1986. At the beginning there was one vendor – American Can Company, now Midway is aligned with over a hundred top suppliers in the nation to offer a wide variety of products. Midway’s territory has also greatly expanded across the Midwest and even ships coast to coast.

Midway also works with our customers to create brand new packaging designs. This focus on customers and providing excellent customer service has been just one of the reasons for its success. Talking to the president, Gene Fredrickson, he contributes Midway’s success to excellent service to long term customers, great suppliers and a continuing array of new products.

We at Midway are proud of our company’s past success and look with eager anticipation to an even brighter future. Happy anniversary Midway Container, here’s to 60 more years of great products and service!