Improved Efficiencies in Warehouse and Shipping Helped this Global Manufacturer Save Money and Lower Costs

Companies that require multiple container sizes in small or large quantities often struggle to find a cost-effective way of maintaining their inventory to meet demand. Most packaging companies prefer to ship truckload orders or larger to keep cost low, however carrying the excess inventory adds cost with storage and handling.

Midway Container worked with a large global manufacturing company to provide them with the exact type of packaging and in the desired quantities they wanted by implementing a Just-In-Time inventory system utilizing Midway Container’s warehousing. This allowed the customer to forgo developing additional warehouse storage at their location. It’s a winning combination that has brought both efficiency and profitability to the project.

The Company

The company is a large global provider of products to both businesses and consumers. Their divisions encompass office supplies, paper products, pharmaceutical and healthcare products, and veterinary products, to name a few. The company blends both high-quality products and affordable prices to reach households and businesses worldwide.

The Problem

The company needed packaging for products for their industrial fasteners they could not store a large quantity of containers at their facilities. The company needed a solution that would store containers for their end customers and deliver small quantities quickly as needed. This combination of services proved difficult to find – until they contained Midway Container.

The Solution

Midway Container offers warehouse storage space for companies, as well as services to ship low volumes of containers as needed. This combination of services was exactly what the large Midwestern manufacturing firm needed. Midway could order packaging in bulk, store it in Midway Container’s warehouses, and have exactly what was needed shipped to their end customers quickly and efficiently.

The Results

The company was thrilled with the fast response time from Midway Container’s staff. Not only did they save money by ordering their packaging materials through Midway Container, but they benefited from the convenient warehouse storage and just in time shipping services.

Midway Container offers a large selection of metal and plastic containers, drums, cans, lids, bottles, and packaging of all types. Whether you need a stock product or are seeking a custom solution, our team will be happy to help you find the right packaging for your business needs. Visit Midway Container or call us at 1-888-843-4421 for a quote.