Lightweight Packaging Saves Money

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Every link in the supply chain effects the overall product. This includes product packaging, which can affect the quality, appearance, and cost of the goods for sale.

The Company

This company primarily produces plastic containers tight heads / jerrycans for a wide range of products. Their plastic containers are known for durability and quality. The company sought to lightweight their containers by reducing the amount of plastic in the finished product while still maintaining strict quality and durability standards.

The Problem

With an increased emphasis on both sustainability and cost reduction the company sought to use less plastic to produce their containers without sacrificing quality, durability, and their UN rating for handling of hazardous material.

The Solution

The company devised a new line of containers using new technology allowing them to use less plastic. The resulting new containers have less gram weight, meaning that less plastic is used. This lowered cost accordingly.

The Results

The new containers use less plastic and as a result have less gram weight which results in a cost savings. The resulting cost savings can be passed onto the companies buying the packaging materials to improve profitability or to provide them with a competitive advantage they can use to win business by offering lower prices on their end goods.

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