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Steel Drums

When shopping for metal pails to be used for your harshest applications you need to talk to someone who knows every detail about the products.  We can help you decide upon and qualify a metal pail that will best meet your applications requirements.

One example of a unique requirement for metal pails is achieving a rust inhibitor lining.  We can provide pails with a basic rust-inhibitor lining, or we can add additional protection through epoxy and phenolic linings as well.  There are lots of considerations when qualifying the best metal pail for your application and Midway Container, Inc. is well suited to help with that process.

Midway Container, Inc. offers a wide range of steel pails.  We stock:

  • Metal Pails, Tight-Heads, and drums
  • Various color options
  • Various lining options
  • Recyclable Pails
  • UN and Non-UN containers

Since 1953 Midway Container has provided competitive pricing to customers worldwide.  Metal pails, tight-heads, and drums are available in standard sizes and we can give your package a unique look with a custom color and lithographic printing.  Our staff is always available to select a package that meets your applications requirements.

Whether you need retail packaging, metal pails for wholesale products, or other product packaging for special orders or other needs, please call Midway Container. Look for us online or call 1-888-843-4421.