Meeting Strict State Standards, No Problem for Midway Container

Meeting Strict State Standards
Throughout the nation, people are becoming increasingly concerned with the amount of plastic added to landfills annually. Americans throw away a staggering amount of trash. In Los Angeles county alone, 10 metric tons of plastic fragments such as grocery bags, plastic straws, and soda bottles, are carried into the Pacific Ocean each day.

Recycling is one answer to the dilemma of plastic in the environment. Some states have specific sustainability requirements for packaging being used for products sold. If these requirements are not met penalties may be incurred by companies that do not the required sustainability requirements.

Midway Container worked with a large Midwestern manufacturing company to help them improve their overall packaging and meet or exceed California standards. The new packaging helped them comply with California’s sustainability requirements and avoid penalty. It also provided the company with excellent packaging that suited their products and pleased their customers.

The Company

The company is a large, Minnesota-based manufacturing firm with global reach. It produces both business and consumer-based products. Many of its products for consumers are household names for office and school supplies, cleaning supplies, industrial applications, and more.

The Problem

California can levy fines on companies that are not in compliance with their sustainability requirements for packaging, and one way to comply with California’s requirements is to incorporate 25% PCR. Because the company produced and shipped products worldwide, it typically sought the lowest-cost, best-performing product packaging regardless of PCR content. They needed a solution that included recycled plastic but was still cost-effective and performed as well or better than their original packaging materials.

The Solution

Midway Container worked with its large network of container manufacturers to find the right packaging materials for the company. We were able to provide them with replacements for many of their current packages that included 25 to 100% PCR. This met or exceeded California’s stringent requirements.

The Results

The company was pleased with the new packages, which performed as well as their older ones but highlighted their concern for environmental responsibility. The 25-100% PCR content met the strictest standards without sacrificing the packages performance. The company was able to use the new packaging and reduce their environmental impact, a plus with green-minded consumers. The company, their customers, and the Earth benefited from the new packaging – a great result!

Midway Container offers a large selection of metal and plastic containers, drums, cans, lids, bottles, and packaging of all types. Whether you need a stock product or are seeking a custom solution, our team will be happy to help you find the right packaging for your business needs. Visit Midway Container or call us at 1-888-843-4421 for a quote.