Plastic Drums for Convenient and Safe Shipping

Plastic Drums

Plastic drums offer a convenient and safe method of shipping and storing chemicals, liquids and other substances. We offer drums ranging from 2 ½ to 55 gallons to accommodate a wide variety of customer needs. Our selection of UN approved tight head and open head plastic containers offer good shipping solutions for hazardous materials. We also offer tamper evident containers to help you keep contents secure and accounted for during shipping and storage. Learn more about our selection of plastic drums from Midway Container.

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Plastic Barrels for Industrial, Commercial and Other Uses

Plastic barrels are used in many industrial, commercial, and other settings. We also offer both round and square shapes to help you maximize your storage space and stack or store materials efficiently.

Tight Heads, Jerricans and Open Head Drums and More Offer Many Options

Midway Container offers many types of plastic drums. Our selection of tight heads and jerricans offer customers sturdy choices for shipping and handling hazardous and expensive liquids. Most plastic containers are available with either a screw-cap feature or bung. Open head drums provide additional alternatives for non-hazardous materials.

Whether you need an entire truckload for a large project or only a few plastic drums for immediate needs, call Midway Container.

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