Reconditioned Drums Offer an Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Reconditioned Drums

Reconditioned drums offer an eco-friendly packaging alternative. Midway Container’s plastic and metal reconditioned drums are cleaned, refurbished, and ready to use again and again. You’ll not only help the planet, you’ll save money too, since refurbished metal and plastic drums tend to be less expensive than new ones. Learn more about Midway Container’s recycled plastic and metal drums, containers and more.

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Used 55 Gallon Drums Refurbished and Ready to Use

Our used 55 gallon drums are refurbished and ready to use. Choose from lined or unlined black recycled 55 gallon drums, with or without locking rings or other accessories. Perfect for many uses, you’ll find them economical as well as functional for your packaging and container needs.

Eco-Friendly Packaging, Recycled Plastic Containers and More

We know that your customers care about reducing their carbon footprint and using recycled and recyclable materials. That’s why Midway Container offers a great selection of eco-friendly packaging options. We offer many containers made with post consumer resin (PCR) or that are 100% recyclable. These containers offer excellent packaging potential while being very environmentally friendly. If you’re interested in learning about more ‘green’ packaging solutions, contact Midway Container today. When your customers care about recycled packaging, we care, too, and we’ll do our best to help you find great eco-friendly packaging solutions at fair prices.

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