Custom Plastic Tubs Can Help Your E-commerce Sales

Traditional Plain Plastic Tubs and LidsConsider designing a custom tub to get more customers excited about your products. A custom design will help with Branding and is more likely to win consumers over on an E-Commerce sale than almost any other factor.

According to Dotcom Distribution, 40% of consumers would be more likely to buy a product if it were in premium packaging. Premium packaging is also frequently reused for other purposes, making it an important marketing tool. If someone loves your packaging enough to use it again and again, it will keep the brand fresh in their minds, especially if the label, shape or other identifying elements are unique.

Plastic containers themselves can be as plain as a piece of white paper or as unique as a Monet painting. The key is customization. You could start with a stock package and add custom printing, in-mold labeling, or have the containers made in a custom pantone color to truly create unique packaging that sets your products apart.

It might seem that unique product packaging is only important in a crowded category on retail shelves, but consumers also gravitate towards unique packaging on their favorite E-commerce sites as well. Packaging tells an important story, and your plastic tubs can be part of that story.

Competitive Pricing for Custom Plastic Tubs

Midway Container offers competitive pricing for all of your plastic tubs and containers. Our custom decoration options include offset printing, pressure sensitive labels, and in-mold labels. Talk to us today about your product packaging vision as we can achieve almost anything you can dream of at a competitive price.

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Common Sizes of Plastic Tubs in Stock

We keep the most common sizes of plastic tubs in stock for our customers so that you can always find what you are looking for quickly, easily and efficiently. To see our complete line of stocked plastic tubs please visit our website.

Custom Orders of Plastic Tubs 

If you do not see what you need among our list of plastic tubs, please contact Midway Container. We work with a wide range of suppliers who can locate many sizes, colors, styles and shapes of plastic tubs and lids.

Our family of tubs offers companies in various industries excellent value, selection and choice when it comes to plastic tubs and lids.

Visit our website to review our selection or call us for a consultation. We’re happy to help our customers find the best solution for their packaging projects.

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Traditional Plain Plastic Tubs and Lids