Plastic Bottles for Pharmaceutical Products: What Do Product Marketers Want?

Plastic Pharmaceutical Bottles

If you could design your own plastic bottles, which features would you add, and why? Packaging Digest recently conducted an informal survey of product marketers around the topic of plastic bottles and blister packs for the pharmaceutical industry. Although blister packs seemed popular, there are some applications for which plastic bottles remain the preferred choice. For these customers, the ‘wish list’ of desirable characteristics is fascinating.

Here’s the rundown of items these product marketers wished they had in plastic bottle design:

  • Easier dispensing technologies. These might dispense the right number of pills or liquid, for example, in a prescribed dose.
  • New and innovative child resistant closures.
  • Other solutions involving bottles with dosing syringes

Many of the respondents requests may already be available in the market they just are not aware of them.  At Midway Container, we go the extra mile to help companies find the right product for their project needs. If we can’t find it, we can discuss custom options. We are always willing to work with our design team to create and the right packaging for your needs.

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