Unit Mold

A simple mold which comprises only a single cavity without further mold devices. It is used for the production of sample containers having a shape which is difficult to blow


Continental Can Co.’s trademark for its design of a ring and plug closure for round paint cans


Descriptive of a material or substance capable of a high degree of light transmission (e.g., glass). Some polypropylene films and acrylic plastics are outstanding in this respect


Descriptive of a material or substance capable of transmitting some light, but not clear enough to be seen through


The amount of circular force applied to a container to seal or open it

Top Seal

A closure where the sealing surface is located on the top of the container finish


The allowable variation from actual specifications permitted in manufacturing operation

Tin Plate

A thin sheet of steel to which a specified weight of pure tin is applied by an electrolytic or hot-dip tinning process

Thread Contour

The shape or type of thread design as observed in a cross-section along the major axis, i.e., flat-headed, square, round etc

Thread Contact

The actual physical contact when the thread of the cap makes or engages the bottle thread finish, measured in degrees