Green Packaging Is Important to Your Customers

Eco-friendly packaging, recycled containers and ‘green packaging’ offers an economical choice for companies seeking environmentally-friendly products to please their customers. Midway Container stocks many green packaging products and can locate additional products if you have special needs. Contact us today.

Sustainable Packaging Including Reusable Containers

Sustainable packaging, including reusable containers, reduces post-consumer waste and helps the environment. Lightweight plastic containers including bottles, pails, drums and caps are made with less plastic than prior versions, making them another great choice for those concerned with helping the environment.

Post Consumer Recycled Resin Containers

One of the most interesting innovations in green packaging and sustainable packaging field has been the introduction of post consumer recycled resin (PCR) containers. Paint cans and other containers made with this type of resin provide excellent packaging for liquids and other materials. Not only are they made with 100% recycled resin, they are also 100% recyclable themselves, so once your customers are finished using your products, they can easily recycle their containers and prevent excess waste from ending up in landfills. For many consumers, this is a very appealing prospect. Learn more about PCR containers from Midway Container. If we don’t stock what you need, we have extensive industry contacts to find the right green packaging or sustainable packaging materials for your project.

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