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32 oz, 128 oz

Oblong Can Caps and Seals

Packing Type
15,000/case, 1800/case, 2300/case, 2500/case, 2700/case, 7500/case
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We offer various caps and seals for your oblong cans

Item # Item Description Packing Type
C3400-15 1-3/4" delta metal cap w/ solve-seal & pulp liner, 2300/cs 2300/case
A3400-15 1-3/4" delta innerseal, 7500/cs 7500/case
C3200-19 32mm white CR REL closure 1,800/cs 1800/case
A1400-15 1-1/4" alpha innerseal, 15,000/cs 15,000/case
C1400-15 1-1/4" alph metal cap w/pulp & solveseal liner, 2700/cs 2700/case
C1420-15 1-1/4" CR cap w/.045 PULP & mf504 foil liner, 2500/cs 2500/case