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55 gallon

Metal Drums

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Our metal drums are used to package oils, chemicals, and food products. They are available:

  • Lined or Unlined
  • Tight head or Open Head
Item # Item Description Packing Type
055101-41 55gal metal OH drum with rust inhibitor,unlined, all black, 2" & 3/4" Nylon bungs, white EPDM gasket, UN Y1.8/200 8/pallet
055111-41 55gal black open head drum, pheonolic lining, with white top and 2" & 3/4" nylon bungs, UN Y1.8/200 8/pallet
055122-41 55 gal new steel TH drums, Osha Red body, white top, lined,1.2/0.9/1.2 UN X1.8/300, 2" trs steel poly 3/4"TRS stl poly (capsealed) 8/pallet
055123-41 55 gal new steel TH drums, Black body, white top, Lined 1.2/0.9/1.2 UN X1.8/300  2" trs steel poly 3/4" TRS stl poly (capsealed) LN L-15 Mod/Phnlc lining 8/pallet
055140-35 55gal New OH steel drum, UN Y1.8/150, L-15 Lining, white with bolt ring and cover with standard fittings, EPDM white gasket 8/pallet