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5 gallon

5 Gallon/ 20L Plastic Square Tight Head

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Our Tight-Heads / Jerrycans / Carboys are used to package water treatment chemicals, car wash chemicals, animal feed products, flavorings, metal treatment, and other products

  • UN approved
  • Made with FDA approved HDPE resin
  • Fittings include flex-spouts, solid screw caps, tamper evident screw caps and additional closures
  • Pivoting and integrated handles are available
  • Standard colors are natural, white, and blue
  • Available with vented openings
  • Recyclable and reconditionable
Item # Item Description Packing Type
005B21-27 20L/5 gal blue square tight head ,70mmTE 6TPI, 24mm closed vent, UN Y1.8/100 48/pallet 48/pallet
005N21-27 5gal/20L natural square tight head, 70mm 6TPI tamper evident neck,closed vent, Y1.8/100, 1100gr, 48/pallet 48/pallet
005N22-22 20L natural square TH, 70mm 6TPI tamper evident neck, 24mm closed vent, Y1.8/100, 48/pallet 48/pallet
005N23-27 5gal square natural tight head,70mm 6 TPI plain neck, w/open vent w/ 22mm cap, UN Y1.8/100, 36 & 48/pallet, 48/pallet