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5 gallon

5 Gallon Steel Pails

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Our steel pails are used to package paint, roofing compounds, solvents, adhesives, chemicals, lubricants and many other products.

Interior pail linings – phenolic and epoxy phenolic linings and rust inhibitor are available

UN certified and Non-UN Wide range of gauges, fittings and exterior coatings in standard colors available Lithography available on bodies and covers (1500 minimum for pails, 3000 minimum for covers) Contain 25% post-consumer recycled content and 100% recyclable

Item # Item Description Packing Type
005100-25 5gal grey metal pail w/ rust inhibitor, unlined, 28GA, 120/pallet 120/pallet
005110-25 5gal metal black pail w/ rust inhibitor, unlined, 120/pallet 120/pallet