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5 gallon

5 Gallon Steel Lids

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Our steel pails lids are designed to be used with the corrisponding steel pails and are used to package paint, roofing compounds, solvents, adhesives, chemicals, lubricants and many other products.

Interior pail linings – phenolic and epoxy phenolic linings and rust inhibitor are available

UN certified and Non-UN Wide range of gauges, fittings and exterior coatings in standard colors available Lithography available on bodies and covers (1500 minimum for pails, 3000 minimum for covers) Contain 25% post-consumer recycled content and 100% recyclable

Item # Item Description Packing Type
L5010-25 Lid: 5gal grey metal unlined, w/ spout 36/cs 36/case
L5000-25 Lid: 5gal metal grey unlined lid w/ rust inhibitor, 36/cs 2520/plt 36/case
L5040-25 Lid: 5gal black metal unlined. 36/cs  2520/plt 36/case
L5060-25 Lid: 5gal white metal unlined, with spout, 40/cs 36/case
L5080-25 Lid, 5 gallon black metal w/flexspout, gold lined, 36ase 36/case