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32 oz

Quart Cans

Packing Type
112/case, 56/case
Color Options
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Our metal tin plate cans are used to package paint, roofing compounds, adhesives, ink, and other products.

  • Plain and Grey or Gold lined options are available.
  • Paint cans with Armlocks are certified to UN Performance Oriented Packaging, US Postal Service and UPS requirements
  • Rings and plugs have three points of contact (tripletite) to prevent paint from migrating out of cans while remaining easy for consumers to open.
  • Full lithography available for both cans and plugs
  • Contain 25% post-consumer recycled content
  • 100% recyclable
Item # Item Description Packing Type
032100-25 quart can w/ covers, Unlined, 56/cs 56/case
032110-25 quart can w/ covers, lined, 56/cs 56/case
032120-25 quart can w/ covers, gold lined, w/, 112/cs 112/case
032150-25 quart hybrid can w/lined plugs, 112/case 112/case